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In SpaceCaptain, you take control over your own spacecraft. You’ve got the purpose of protecting against asteroids and other enemies in Space. Why? You will soon find out…
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You are employed at “Trinity Intergalactic Security Service” to protect a gigantic space station from attacks and other dangers from space. From the beginning on you have more than enough to do. Because in deed there is one attack wave after the other. Although you would have enough work fighting your way through the hostile areas that your space ship is cruising with you.

SpaceCaptain is the 2017 2D-arcade-Indiegame produced by LowPolyCube and BugFighter Programming. It’s a modern interpretation of the early arcade video games.

SpaceCaptain Public Beta is out now on Android via the Google Play Store. To be a part of the public beta test, you have to activate your device for the public beta test of SpaceCaptain. As a part of the public beta you will receive all the important updates before everyone else.

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