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Welcome to LowPolyCube Support. I am deeply sorry that you are experiencing issues. Since it is my highest goal to reach a maximum of your satisfaction I will help as fast as I possibly can. On this page you can find the most optimal way of contacting me depending on your needs. Wether you want to contact me via Mail, by creating a support ticket or you just want to twitter me: I am there for you!

Support Chat via Twitter

You can conveniently send a direct message to LowPolyCube Support via Twitter if you have any questions about a game or a service.

I will usually answer any request the same day but at least within 3 working days.

Twitter Support Chat

Bug Ticket

You can create a support ticket. This is usually the best solution for me if you have a problem that is software related and should be fixed for everyone.

You might not get an answer at all but your problem will be linked to the software directly. This will cause a faster reaction to fixing your problem.

Create Bug Ticket

Developer Contact via E-Mail

Very urgent problems can be directed to me via e-mail.

Your request will usually be answered very quickly and at least within 2 working days.

Mail to Developer

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